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   Miyako Suda was borne in Japan and spent her childhood in East Africa. She studied illustration at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


   Because of her interest in both art and science, she went to graduate school in neuroscience after she finished B.A. program in Boston. Years of studying science and working on illustration, she has started her career as a fine artist in 2017.


Art Fair


Art Future (Emigre Collection), Taipei, Taiwan

Affordable Art Fair Milan (Emigre Collection), Milano, Italy


Art Kaohsiung (Emigre Collection, La Lanta Fine Arts), Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (Emigre Collection), Amsterdam, Netherlands

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (Emigre Collection), Stockholm, Sweden

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne (Emigre Collection), Melbourne, Australia

Art Taichung (Emigre Collectoin), Taichung, Taiwan

Art Moments Jakarta (Emigre Collection), Jakarta, Indonesia

One Art Taipei (Emigre Collection), Taipei, Taiwan



Art Kaohsiung (Émigré Collection), Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Group Exhibition


Japanese Art Exhibition at Google Office (Emigre Collection), Taipei, Taiwan

Gtoup Exhibition (Tang Feng Gallery), Miaoli,Taiwan

Ikebukuro Art Gethering Selected Artists Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

Animals 2019 Quintet, Group Exhibition (Shikisaisha Galelry), Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Contemporary Art show (UYart Gallery), Taichung, Taiwan



Ikebukuro Art Gethering Award 2018 Group Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan



2018  Ikebukuro Art Gethering Award


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