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Portrait Series 

 I paint portraits of landscapes which make deep impression on me. The reason why I paint “portraits of landscapes”, and not “landscapes”, is that I want to paint human-like expressions of nature when nature meets the human desire.

 I was born in Japan and spent my childhood in East Africa where my basic identity built up. The beauty of the great nature in Africa impressed me, but at the same time, it told me how cruel the wild is. The coexistence of cruelty, severity, and gentleness in nature is represented in children’s face which have uncertain borders of “good” and “bad”.


 The bubbles are shown as a symbols of growth. Through thousands of years of their history, human beings pray and make wishes to nature, which is beyond human intellect. Their desire increases and never stops growing. To form counterparts of the growing human desire, multiplications in natural phenomena such as cell divisions are reflected as bubbles in the paintings.


​ People have different cultural backgrounds, senses of values, and thoughts. Although they have wisdom to understand each other, humankind still have disputes and discrimination between countries and even inside their country. But basic wishes, like living safely with love, is our common ground for us. I hope these human-like expressions of nature show the way to re-recognize that we all have common wishes.




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