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Dalots Series 

   The red figures are called DALOTS, which I coined from “Lots of Daruma”. Daruma which are modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen Buddhism are said to grant of one’s wish and the achievement of a desired goal.

   People have made wishes since their history began and their desires just keep on growing. Since Darumas has been entrusted with human’s desires and to see what will it be of the desire, I depict DALOTS and bubble-like texture as the symbol of human desire and it’s multiplication.

Daruma came from Buddhism, however, its influence goes beyond that. DALOTS symbolic meaning also goes beyond religion as well.

   Although human beings have the capacity to understand one another, there is still discrimination. These DALOTS are painted as a call to awareness and also as the hope of human wisdom to go beyond religion and opposing ideologies.





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